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Special reflection mirror of professional spec

Capable of irradiating even further, compared to conventional models. Moreover, clean circular illumination has become available. With its infrared ray irradiation, it is most suitable as an infrared ray projector or as an auxiliary light in infrared ray photographing.



Brighter than LED by 6 times!

HID shows high ability in long distance irradiation as one of its big features, which LED is not suited for. HID light can emit light further than LED light can, even compared between products having specifications of the same lumen number, since HID light has a wavelength region
longer than of LED light, due to a nature of light. 

Tough waterproof case reassuring

Special case with a toughness which would not be broken even if run over by a car. Useful in a disaster, allowing no water to enter inside the case even if flowed by a flood.


2-body color line-up for choose

In addition to the conventional color Matt black, new color “Rescure orange” has been released in response to the demand of many professional users. Providing improved visibility which locates
main body in darkness, the new color has given an additional professional spec. 

Spot & Wide! Even Diffusional light distribution is available by accessory lens.

Controllable between Spot light distribution with the maximum irradiation distance of 1600 m and Wide light distribution suitable for short distance or wide range irradiation. Furhermore, by fitting an accessory diffusion lens cover, it becomes possible to emit uniform light which is the suitable for night work, etc.


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