Portable Searchlight for Footprint Identification

Key Features

  • LED-based
  • The latest development in detection of footprints and micro evidence

SJ-DUST is a 530 nm LED-based searchlight with a lamp longevity up to 20,000 hrs. It is the latest development in providing optimal solution for footprint detection and gathering micro evidence. SJ-DUST’s illuminant particles are as small as 10 micrometers allowing use for suitable forensics operation.

Light Source LED
Wavelength 530 nm
Output Power 1W~40W
Weight (Approx.) 1.1 kg
Run Time(Approx.) 2 h 10 m
Dimensions 84 mm / 84 mm / 186 mm
Battery Li-ion Battery
Strobe 50W
Application Forensics, Detection of footprints/fissures, Detection of remaining dust and suspend sediment after cleaning
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