Powerful Portable Searchlight for UV Light-based Identification

Key Features

  • High and stable UV intensity
  • Innovative UV light-based identification

SJ-UV is a 365 nm LED powered searchlight developed specifically for forensics application. Whereas conventional UV light requires full-dark setting, SJ-UV is featured by its capability in illuminating residues in any environment. This searchlight also comprises an automatic temperature sensor, keeping the light intensity stable until the battery runs out. For any forensics scene, take SJ-UV for best result.

Intensity UV Max. 12,000 μW / cm2 / Ave. 6,000 μW / cm2
Light Source LED
Wavelength 365 nm
Output Power 1W~40W
Weight (Approx.) 1.1 kg
Run Time(Approx.) 2 h 10 m
Dimensions 84 mm / 84 mm / 186 mm
Battery Li-ion Battery
Strobe 50W
Application Forensics, Detection of DNA traces, Detection of contaminated areas/oil spill/food poisoning, Non destructive probing
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