PLASMA Search Light with Strobe Function

Key Features

  • Portable PLASMA search light
  • Light distance of 5,500 m
  • Strobe (15 Hz)

Benefiting from the new Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) technology, SJ-55 illuminates objects and terrain up to 5,500 m. With full power at 50W only, operators can use the searchlight for an hour and a half and up to 5 hours on lower mode (10W). Unrivaled, SJ-55 is the most optimal searchlight for all kinds of opera-tions, from anti-terrorism to search and rescue, even under extreme environments.

Light Source LEP (Light Emitting Plasma)
Light Distance 5,500 m (50W) / 1,300 m (10W)
Output Power 50W / 10W
Weight (Approx.) 3.9 kg (w/o batteries)
Run Time(Approx.) 1.5 h (50W) / 5 h (10W)
Dimensions 121×283×230 mm
Battery Li-ion Battery
Water Resistance IP66
Application Coastal guard and border control, Search and rescue, Infantry/Ground patrol
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