Portable and Versatile Searchlight illuminating 2200 m

Key Features

  • Light distance up to 2,200 m
  • HID-based with luminous flux of 7,500 lm
  • Strobe function

SJ75 is one of the most portable and versatile searchlights, featuring a light distance capability up to 2,200 m. Besides this top-notch HID* technology, its luminous flux is the highest among all our searchlights, up to 7,500 Im at 75W. Unrivaled versatility makes SJ75 a must-have portable light for all units whether the operation involves search and rescue or routine security operations.

Light Source HID
Luminous Flux 7,500 lm (75W) / 5,000 lm (50W)
Light Distance 2,200 m (75W) / 1,500 m (50W)
Output Power 75W / 50W
Weight (Approx.) 3.3 kg
Run Time(Approx.) 2 h (75W) / 2 h 30 m (50W)
Dimensions 280 mm / 135 mm / 320 mm
Battery Li-ion Battery
Strobe XXHz
Water Resistance 10 m Underwater
Application Helicopter operations, Coastal guard and border control, Search and rescue, Infantry/Ground patrol
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