Front-Line Equipment

A necessary product to a necessary person in necessary timing


Wide Blaster


The idea of FLE to want to send the comfort and safety to everybody who acts in a severe field is put in three brands.

Crisis Management Equipment

Crisis Management Equipment hears the voice of the member who acts in the field, develops, produces the situation of the site and the custom machine parts matched to the demand, and does the making to answer the local input.

Global Research

Global Research always collects overseas crisis-management products and information on the apparatus manufacturer, the introduction is helped investigating what the member in the field needs.


WARRIOR is a personal gear brand that offers individual clothes and equipment, etc. because the member who acts on a severe site can act more efficiently, more comfortably, and more cleanly.


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About FLE

FLE (Front-Line Equipment) sells importing and exporting, and the product development to offer the best product to people who act in the front of the crisis-management (defense, police, fire fighting, and disaster correspondence, etc.) . FLE also specializes supporting our clients in real emergencies in the field. Learning from our experiences helping you, we constantly improve our brand to provide the services you will need the most.

Agency recruitment

The enterprise that sells the product of FLE in foreign countries is requested. Please feel free to contact me.